Electric Hair Curler Newest Anti-Hot Safety 7 Shape Pure Copper Tube 1.25 Inch Barrel

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1. Worldwide use voltage: 100V ~ 250V

2. 20 different temperature settings from 130C ~ 230C, suit for different hair; 

3. 0S-20S Timing setting; 

4. 45 minutes auto power-off function; 

5. Pure Copper Barrel, 1.25 inch diameter; 

6. Inside temperature sensor for accurate temperature control; 

7. Inside waring buzzing system to detect anything wrong inside of the machine. 



Voltage: 100~250v

Temperatures: 130C~230C

LED Display

Color: Black/ Gold

Material: Pure Copper

Power: 45W

Wire Length: 2.5M

Weight: 805g

Size: 21x21cm

Tube Length: 12.5 cm


0 - 20s setting


Package Includes: 

1x Hair Curler

1x Anti-hot Glove

1x English Version User Manual

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